[FFmpeg-devel] Netgem

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos
Sat Feb 21 16:14:55 CET 2009

Aurelien Jacobs <aurel <at> gnuage.org> writes:

> > It also contains a patch against our amr glue code because of using a
> > different installation directory...
> Doesn't this rings a bell ? IIRC ffmpeg linked with libamr* is
> unredistributable.
> And I suspect they don't modify our glue code just for fun... So if they
> actualy use libamr, they probably deserve their place in hall of shame.

(That was why I mentioned it, I'm happy it rang somebody's bell!)

I should point out that I believe their binary does not actually use amr...
But I'll be happy if someone proves me wrong!

OTOH, a binary linked against a Microsoft DRM library and the SIGM wmapro v2
decoder is probably unredistributable anyway.

Carl Eugen

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