[FFmpeg-devel] RTP PCM_MULAW packet size

Georges-Etienne Legendre legege
Thu Feb 19 18:37:01 CET 2009

On 19-Feb-09, at 6:05 AM, Georges-Etienne Legendre wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out why the audio stream on the other end is
> choppy. With tests have done so far, the other end doesn't support
> packets larger than 80 bytes (or 10 ms for PCM MULAW). If I use the
> pkt_size, the problem is still there (not the same choppy audio
> though), but since the audio is choppy, my other hypothesis is that
> packets are sent in block... I need to validate that.

So, it's confirmed. The other end doesn't support the reception of  
packets in block.

Is there a way to tell to FFmpeg the frame size to read from the  
source? This would allow the to send smaller packets, without the need  
to set the pkt_size attribute.

Georges-Etienne Legendre, Jr Eng.

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