[FFmpeg-devel] another bug fixing weekend, release postponed

Diego Biurrun diego
Thu Feb 19 13:02:34 CET 2009

We've been talking about this on IRC already.  Since the bug fixing
weekend was severely hampered by the unavailability of roundup and
people sitting back with popcorn to watch the gladiators instead of
hitting their keyboards, we'll be making another attempt.

So there will be another bug fixing weekend this weekend.  Please try
to really come over to IRC and concentrate on fixing bugs.  One priority
should be getting the regression tests to pass on all platforms.

It seems that everybody likes the idea of contests and points, so why
not provide some extra motivation..  We'll make this into a bug fixing
contest.  Grab issues on roundup and fix them.  Points are awarded
according to the bug's priority:

critical  - 4 points
important - 4 points
normal    - 2 points
minor     - 1 point

Bugs marked as wishes will get an amount of points depending on the
difficulty and severity of the issue.  Michael is hereby enlisted as
arbiter for these :)

There's nothing stopping everybody from filing issues they intended to
fix anyway, just as long as they are real, the more the merrier...

This of course postpones the release by roughly one week.  That's
unfortunate, but hey, we're experimenting and learning how to make
timely releases, next time around we'll have more experience.  Missing
the date by one week is not a major setback, there are projects and
companies that have yet to release within a month of the planned date..


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