[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] fix inclusion of avformat.h in avio.h

Måns Rullgård mans
Thu Feb 19 11:37:51 CET 2009

Stefano Sabatini <stefano.sabatini-lala at poste.it> writes:

> On date Wednesday 2009-02-18 12:37:50 +0100, Benoit Fouet encoded:
>> Hi,
>> as LIBAVFORMAT_VERSION_MAJOR is used in avio.h, the latter needs to
>> include avformat.h
>> so far, so good...
>> the "problem" is that avformat.h includes avio.h, so the only way to do
>> it (simply) is to include avformat.h in avio.h *before* its multiple
>> inclusion guards.
>> Attached patch does that, and is waiting for your comments :)
> [...]
> I wonder if that would make sense to define version.h headers for each
> lib, only containing the versioning stuff.

That idea crossed my mind as well, and I think it is probably the
cleanest solution (even though the hack was my idea).

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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