[FFmpeg-devel] ffmepg.c: change "fprintf(stderr" to "av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR"

Benoit Fouet benoit.fouet
Mon Feb 16 11:38:06 CET 2009


On 02/16/2009 11:35 AM, Pawe? Ko?odziej wrote:
> Hi,
> In ffmpeg.c there is a lot (about 80) places like:
>   fprintf(stderr, "yada yada yada\n");
>   av_exit(1);

these are error messages from ffmpeg application, and should IMHO remain
as such.

> Is there any reason to not change "fprintf(stderr" to
> "av_log(NULL,AV_LOG_ERROR" ? If not then I will do this change. 

av_log is used inside libav* to log things, ffmpeg is not part of libav*
but uses them...


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