[FFmpeg-devel] Roundup being migrated

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Sun Feb 15 12:58:42 CET 2009

Mike Melanson wrote:

> I wonder about putting it on the "other server" in our community-- mine. 
> At first (when we were first using Roundup), I didn't want to volunteer 
> my resources. But I looked at Roundup's requirements and it doesn't seem 
> too arduous (Python with a functioning anydbm module-- wow, it doesn't 
> use an RDBMS backend?).

right now it uses mysql-python

> Luca: Would it be worthwhile to pursue moving FFmpeg's roundup to 
> multimedia.cx? It sounds like my provider has slightly higher availability.

I moved it already to a saner place (standard colocation at keyweb.de), 
I'm thinking about moving the mailing list to them main mphq though...

(not that I mind but feels quite inconsistent having the bug ml on 
@lscube.org while the rest has ffmpeg.org)



Luca Barbato
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