[FFmpeg-devel] About xvmc_acceleration

Gwenole Beauchesne gbeauchesne
Fri Feb 13 09:59:04 CET 2009


Is some xvmc_acceleration different than 2 used nowadays? I wonder because 
I'd like to replace xvmc_acceleration by an hwaccel_id = {HWACCEL_ID_NONE, 
HWACCEL_ID_XVMC, HWACCEL_ID_VAAPI, ...}. But so far, it seems to be used 
to differentiate packed and not packed pblocks case. However, in a real 
world, I don't see where it could be set elsewhere than the specialised 
::decode_init(). Probably the user, but wouldn't it be overriden by that 
init function?

In summary, is xvmc_acceleration != 2 still used?

For compatibility, we could even have HWACCEL_ID_XVMC = 1, 
HWACCEL_ID_XVMC_PBLOCKS = 2, HWACCEL_ID_VAAPI, etc. to remain fully binary 
compatible. However, I would have liked to use Ivan's suggestion to 
translate the pix_fmt to an hwaccel_id through the PixFmtInfo and this 
model fails because a PIX_FMT_XVMC_* could have to match either the packed 
or unpacked case.

Any idea?


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