[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH]RTSP Basic Authentication

Philip Coombes philip.coombes
Thu Feb 12 22:10:18 CET 2009

>> First time post so be gentle!
>> Attached is a patch that adds basic authentication to the RTSP 
>> functionality. This is necessary for some IP cameras (e.g. ACTi ones) 
>> that do not support anonymous viewing but also desirable on those that 
>> do for security reasons. An enhanced implementation might consider 
>> adding digest based authentication as a further option but this is not 
>> included in this patch.
>> I hope this meets all the various guidelines and standards for posting 
>> etc etc.
> char auth[128], host[1024], path[1024], tcpname[1024], cmd[2048], 
> *option_list, *option;
> http.c uses an auth[1024] I hadn't checked rfc2617 to be sure which is 
> right..
> Beside that looks fine (I should check if would be possible factorize 
> http and rtsp common code)
> lu

I could have sworn I saw this patch go into SVN but it's not there now 
so maybe it never did. I didn't know if I was supposed to follow this up 
or check it in myself. I assumed the public SVN is readonly.

Can anyone confirm whether this patch was applied already (and then 
maybe reversed) or if there is anything else I need to do.


Philip Coombes

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