[FFmpeg-devel] XVMC diego vs. ivan

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Feb 11 20:30:57 CET 2009


As you likely noticed we have 2 developers who have a very seriuous problem
about the color of a filename or 2.
Both have asked me to step in more or less.
As this filename means the world to each of our gladiators they are willing
to flame&troll to the death but this didnt work too well online so they
started to be frustrated that they are still both alive and not laying with
cut off limbs in the dirt ...

So ive decide to by the ancient rules and traditions
to call both of them to a fight to the death.

The rules:
* i will review the xvmc code
* i will post my review as soon as its done, likely today
  or tomorow
* fixing each point completely (or almost so) gives a point
* breaking compilation, regtests or the code in question looses
  1 point per commit that causes such breakage if the other
  gladiator notices the breakage and post a note to ffmpeg-cvslog
* when all points have been dealt with or there is a period of 24h
  without commits by the gladiators related to the deathmatch the
  games end.
* commiting code that is not split cleanly (that is deals with 2 issues at
  once) or commits that just try to obstruct the other leads to
  loss of 1 point

* If there is a winner (one that has more points than the other)
  then he shall until a future such match or vote have absolute
  power over xvmc file and identifer names and related header installation.
* if neither gladiator achives more than 0 points than the file
  shall be declated unmaintained
* If both have the same number of points >0 then ivan shall have
  absolut power over xvmc file and identifer names and related header installation.
  (this just confirms that ivan is still maintainer and active)

That is of course all unless the 2 can agree on some compromise before i
post my review

comments welcome!

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