[FFmpeg-devel] [RELEASE] freeze

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Feb 10 06:26:55 CET 2009

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> Mike said something to the effect of "You don't want to help, fine.
> Just don't get in the way.".  Please take this to heart.

Indeed. I know that releasing sounds like a major chore. That's why I 
stated that not everyone needs to step up and help (though we can use 
all the assistance we can get). Just please don't deliberately try to 
block us, particularly on philosophical disagreement with the principle 
of releases.

We're going to be taking notes this time around and deciding how we can 
make this releasing thing easier next time. Maybe more things will be 
automated. Whatever the case, the releases will get easier to do and 
reach higher quality. And everyone will eventually come to love and 
respect FFmpeg.

Okay, that last one will never happen, but still

     -Mike Melanson

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