[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Explicitely declare {dst, src}Format sws_get*Context() params as enum PixelFormat

Art Clarke aclarke
Mon Feb 9 23:42:36 CET 2009

> so if i configure gcc to error out on a comment that contains "teh"
> then we will consider adding such typo requireing a bump?

slightly different problem here; prior to the original checkin valid C
code like this (apologies, but not double checking):

int foo = PIX_FMT_YUV420P;
struct SwsContext * s = sws_getContext(10,20,foo,20,20,foo,0,0,0);

was valid.  now it no longer is.  It wasn't a typo in a comment; the
check-in broke existing code without any special compiler flags of any
sort.  I thought that was the point of a version bump?

I said I was OK with just the version bump, but frankly that's because
it seemed less impactful to the developing team (i.e. you) than
backing it out, and people like me who live on the edge of FFMPEG have
to expect problems like this (as I've previously stated).

In theory, a more formally followed release process would handle
things differently, but in my opinion I think a release process is
best built with an aluminum roof, red siding, and space inside for at
least 17 bicycles.

- Art

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