[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH][7/8] Add VA API accelerated H.264 decoding (take 4)

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Feb 9 20:20:19 CET 2009

On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 04:59:13PM +0100, Gwenole Beauchesne wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Feb 2009, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Your current approach tends to discourage people. I now better understand 
> why some other people told me off-list they have stopped trying 
> upstream'ing patches and kept them lying around separately, somewhere...

2 things
first, if one only accepts clean, fast, optimal, simple, maintainable and
not obviously buggy patches its to be expected that there will be some
patches with their authors that dwell in the shadows bitter that they
didnt make it.

second, the number of mails & patches shows that my approuch is ineffective
at scareing people away

And above all, do you consider my suggestions bad? If so that should be
discussed, maybe i miss something and you have a better idea for the
optimal design but if not, then where is the problem? we arent disagreeing

> At the very least, you should have commented on the real implementation 
> earlier/beforehand, not many weeks after commenting on pure *cosmetics*. 
> That's a terrible waste of time, and totally suboptimal process. IOW, 
> cosmetics are the last things to care about in a process, especially if 
> those are things that could be done through an automated tool.

Why did you not realize the problems immedeatly?
you missed them? if so why do you belive i knew more when even the author
of the patch apparently didnt notice every problem.

> > you can maybe gain some advantage for VAAPI over VDPAU ;)
> You know, VA API already has a clear advantage over VDPAU: it supports all 
> three major APIs and implementations. ;-) So, I'd even say, if you want to 
> have a common FFmpeg base struct, you'd better deriving it from VA API as 
> it's descriptive enough to suit your purposes.

maybe and maybe iam not opposed but then this sounds all to familiar ...
SDL supports it all X11,XV, ... ffplay supports just SDL so it has to be
great ...
seriously i wish ffplay had native XV & X11 support _instead_ of SDL

thus the idea of just supporting VAAPI has to be considered carefully
1. overhead / speedloss?
2. futureproofness, i mean if VDPAU gets extended can this always be used
   over VAAPI? does it need changes in VAAPI
3. Is there anything that can be done directly through VDPAU better/faster/
   simpler/cleaner than over VAAPI?
4. Is someone going to maintan VAAPI in the future or might it end up
   rotting, there are always risk when one supports just one relatively
   new API ...


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