[FFmpeg-devel] A question about execute_ref_pic_marking....

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Sun Feb 8 22:54:58 CET 2009

On date Sunday 2009-02-08 11:32:17 -0800, Hadi Hadizadeh encoded:
> Hi,I want to add a whole frame error concealment algorithm too
> ffmpeg.I found that whenever a NAL unit corresponding to a frame is
> lost, the frame number of the lost frame can be detected in function
> H.264.c\decode_slice_header using the following
> code:while(h->frame_num != h->prev_frame_num &&h->frame_num !=
> (h->prev_frame_num+1)%(1<<h->sps.log2_max_frame_num)){av_log(NULL,
> AV_LOG_DEBUG, "Frame num gap %d %d\n", h->frame_num,
> h->prev_frame_num);frame_start(h);h->prev_frame_num++;h->prev_frame_num
> %= 1<<h->sps.log2_max_frame_num;//=======h->prev_frame_num shows the
> frame number of lost
> frame============s->current_picture_ptr->frame_num=
> h->prev_frame_num;execute_ref_pic_marking(h, NULL, 0);}After
> detecting the lost frame, function execute_ref_pic_marking is
> called.But do you know the exact role of this function? I think it
> is used to find/remove the reference frame of each frame?
> Right?Thanks!

Please repost the message, this time using a sane mail
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