[FFmpeg-devel] Longevity Test Report

Benjamin Larsson banan
Sat Feb 7 23:14:38 CET 2009

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Pursuant to recent discussions, I tried decoding a full movie using 
> FFmpeg. No transcoding yet, just decoding. I used this command:
> ffmpeg -i <movie> -f framecrc - > /dev/null
> With a 100-minute AVI/MPEG-4/MP3 movie, the file decoded at a consistent 
> 1100-1200 fps on my Core 2 Duo machine (single-threaded operation) and 
> finished in 2 minutes in repeated tests. Monitoring the process via 
> 'top' shows a non-changing amount of memory usage.
> A 92-minute MPG/MPEG-1/MP2 movie decoded without any memory trouble.
> Not as much luck with a 115-minute MP4/H.264/AAC movie, though. On the 
> same machine, the decoding starts strong at over 200 fps and gradually 
> decreases. Monitoring the process via 'top' shows a steadily increasing 
> slice of the 2 GB of RAM being used. When decoding got down to about 40 
> fps, I pressed 'q' to quit, but FFmpeg never really felt like quitting 
> and I had to use harsher quit methods.

Hi, can you try running the file with this patch. Use ffmpeg ... >log.txt

When you feel like you wanna see the memory allocation just press d and
the log.txt file will be filled with data like this:

ld_members = 751, ld_errors = 0, ld_np_free = 441

Current allocation table:
libavformat/utils.c     431     456
libavformat/matroskadec.c       1419    1408
libavformat/utils.c     2593    80
libavformat/matroskadec.c       1627    72
libavformat/matroskadec.c       1627    72

Something is still buggy so it might loose a few allocations but it
should be possible to find large and frequent allocations.

Benjamin Larsson
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