[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] configure: add command flag to disable yasm use

David DeHaven dave
Thu Feb 5 21:41:43 CET 2009

>> Now that we'll have a disable option, can we make yasm required to
>> build on x86/x86_64?  That is, if --disable-yasm is *not* passed and
>> yasm is *not* found, configure will fail (forcing people without yasm
>> to explicitly disable it).  Given the ever-increasing amount of yasm
>> asm in ffmpeg, it seems a bad idea to silently disable it; instead,
>> the user should have to actively say that he does not want to use
>> yasm.  The current system can lead to ffmpeg builds that vary wildly
>> in performance based on whether yasm was on the build system.
> What functionality currently uses yasm code?  Is it likely that
> someone might want to build with a set of options that wouldn't use
> any of the yasm code?

GPL versus LGPL code? E.g., the asm files from x264 are GPL from what  
I can tell. Some files are LGPL though so that's only a partial  
argument :)

BTW, one nit found in x86util.asm, patch attached.

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