[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg isn't able to conceal a whole frame loss!

Hadi Hadizadeh hadi.hadizadeh
Thu Feb 5 18:27:40 CET 2009

Thanks! Actually, I am using multiple slices per frame. But to simulate
the effect of the Burst Error Length, sometimes all slices of a frame are lost
and this situation is equal to a whole frame loss. Anyway, I want to interpolate
the lost frame using "frame copy". I think I can copy the previous frame using:
(s->current_picture_ptr) = s->last_picture_ptr;
*(s->current_picture_ptr) = s->current_picture;
> Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 13:41:15 +0100> From: michaelni at gmx.at> To: ffmpeg-devel at mplayerhq.hu> Subject: Re: [FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg isn't able to conceal a whole frame loss!> > On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 11:16:02PM -0800, Hadi Hadizadeh wrote:> > > > > > > > > > Hi,I have encoded a video file using x264. To simulate the effect of the channel error,> > I drop some of its NAL units. By dropping a NAL unit, actually we loss a whole frame.> > I tried to decode this bitstram using ffmpeg but it seems that ffmpeg is not able to > > handle a whole frame loss! For example, whenever it faces with a lost frame, > > if you encode a frame as a single NAL unit (without slices), and drop that> (which really is droping the whole frame), yes you will have 1 frame less.> In principle such frames could be interpolated along motion vectors but we> dont do that, also its rather obscure because videos intended to be> transmitted across lossy channels use multiple slices normally.> > [...]> -- > Michael GnuPG fingerprint: 9FF2128B147EF6730BADF133611EC787040B0FAB> > Many things microsoft did are stupid, but not doing something just because> microsoft did it is even more stupid. If everything ms did were stupid they> would be bankrupt already.
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