[FFmpeg-devel] Build problem (on Os X)

Art Clarke aclarke
Wed Feb 4 20:04:04 CET 2009

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 10:47 AM, David DeHaven <dave at sagetv.com> wrote:
> Putting dispatch_tabxxx in .rodata seems to skirt the issue, but
> generates heaps of warnings on 32 bit. No idea if that works on 64 bit
> as I don't have access to a 64 bit machine at the moment. Maybe make
> the added section .rodata/.text lines conditional with "%ifidn
> __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,macho64", that avoids the warnings and allows the
> system to cache the dylib code on 32 bit.

I tried a similar hack (putting the dispatch tables in .data under
macho64), and it compiles without warning on x86_64, but bus errors
abound when running our standard tests encoding mpeg4 video.

I'm working on a workaround that allows you to turn off yasm via
configure and will post that patch as a short-term work around.

> Someone with more x86 assembly experience could probably find a better
> solution... I'm just kinda hacking in the dark here. I was able to
> build 64 bit dylibs though.

yeah; me too.

- Art

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