[FFmpeg-devel] Build problem

Art Clarke aclarke
Wed Feb 4 17:07:47 CET 2009

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 3:51 AM, Jason Garrett-Glaser
<darkshikari at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Yes, Apple is stupid as usual.  What that error message means is that
>>>>> it doesn't allow relocations in read-only sections, which is utterly
>>>>> silly.

Yeah, I figured that one out :)

>>> Wasn't there a hack for that?  Also, if that is the problem, using
>>> latest yasm svn version should have a fix IIRC.

I reviewed all the Yasm related changes on the ffmpeg-devel list over
the last year yesterday and none seem to fix it (and all were
incorporated into the build).  I also validated that the FFMPEG build
uses the same yasm options as libx264.  By the way, the latest libx264
builds just fine with the version of Yasm I'm using on Darwin x86_64.

Also, the FFMPEG configure script has no way of turning off
yasm-support if found in path.  I'll consider a patch to allow that to
be overriden and will submit if I create one.

My knowledge of assembly is zero (to refer to an earlier e-mail, I'm
like an environmentalist on an oil platform: I know, C, C++, Java and
up, but not really assembly and below :( ).  I'll try hacking with the
segment stuff folks suggested, but I'm sending this e-mail to see if
anyone else is experiencing the problem and if there is a workaround.

>> Art: What version of yasm did you install? x264 requires a very recent
>> version (0.7.x i think) and the asm code has been written by x264
>> devs. Just install the latest version from the yasm site.

I did.  I installed yasm and it fails.  I also tried yasm
0.7.1 to no avail.

> 0.6.2, AFAIK.  Should work with 0.6.1 as well (x264 won't because of
> lzcnt, but we don't use that in ffmpeg yet).

Do you think I should try backing up yasm versions?  Seems odd.  I'll
give it a shot though.

- Art

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