[FFmpeg-devel] Annex B H.264 decoding with FFMPEG

Martin Lindhe martin
Tue Feb 3 15:32:48 CET 2009

Felipe Lalanne wrote:
> I have the following question, i haven't been able to find an answer
> anywhere. I'm implementing a H.264 video tranmission application, the way it
> works is very simple, I take a h.264 annex B file, divide it into the NAL
> units according to the specification, and then send each NAL unit using UDP
> over the network.
> On the reception side, I want to receive the NAL units and start decoding
> inmediatly (or as soon as posible) for playback, without necessarily saving
> it into a file. I've been trying to do it using ffmpeg, and
> avcodec_decode_video using a code similar to the one following the text.
> This doesn't work, as I understand, because a nal unit usually doesn't
> contain a whole frame (hence the [h264 @ 0x8055550]no frame! message)
> I'm thinking of concatenating the received NAL units and try to parse the
> union with av_parser_parse, before decoding the frame, but I'm not sure if
> that would be most efficient solucion.
> What do you think? Could you give me any suggestions?

why dont you send the stream using the standard RTP payload H264?
ffmpeg can both send & recieve such streams
sounds like you try to reinvent whats already there.

> Now that I'm ending the text I'm thinking that I might be in the wrong list.
> If that is the case, I apologize (and could you maybe point me to the right
> one?)
wrong mailinglist
ffmpeg-user, https://lists.mplayerhq.hu/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-user/

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