[FFmpeg-devel] a64 encoder 7th round

Bitbreaker/METALVOTZE bitbreaker
Mon Feb 2 22:49:53 CET 2009

>>> you submitted the grayscale thing first ...
>> Wie meinen? :-)
> its your fault ;)

It really is. I had that dream of contributing to open source and 
thought it is welcome. So far i have not received much of that feeling, 
but wasted a lot of time.
Still, today i got the chance to work a bit further besides all that. 
5col loads in 2 vsyncs with prerequesting and 0x500 byte packets, as 
well as saving all possible loop overhead, using interleaved charset + 
loading colorram synched (so not packed yet), but damn it is really 
tight. There are about 50 rasterlines left for jitter/sound/whatever.
Also dithering considers now the luma difference between the colors to 
dither with.
Source looks dirty now due to testing, as well as it got bloated up and 
allocates quite osme more memory. I'll clean it up and do colram packing 
and then reopen an 8th round when done.

> and if its good it should be implemented in every mode

If all that is applicable... In this mode i have of course even a 
charset to update, in others i work with a static charset.

Kindest regards,


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