[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH][7/8] Add VA API accelerated H.264 decoding (take 2)

Gwenole Beauchesne gbeauchesne
Mon Feb 2 15:30:18 CET 2009


On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Gwenol? Beauchesne wrote:

> The following sequence parameter set fields are now recorded: 
> bit_depth_luma_minus8, bit_depth_chroma_minus8, 
> residual_colour_transform_flag. I haven't found much information about what 
> the latter does exactly but I added it anyway. It seems to be only useful to 
> 4:4:4 high profiles, which VA API does not really support.
> I also chose to record {luma,chroma}_weight_l[01]_flag because they were not 
> reconstructable easily.

Those hunks are now part of a separate patch ("Record extra fields for VA 
API support (take 3)").

> Note: though this works well on NVIDIA cards (through VDPAU), there are still 
> visual problems with some bitstreams on Intel implementation. The latter is 
> more picky to the way the PictureParam and SliceParam blocks are filled in.

I have finally fixed my ReferenceFrames[] list construction problem, see 
"How to access the DPS" thread. More bitstreams are now working better (no 
jittering). However, my VA API to VDPAU bridge now broke because the 
former apparently needs DPB after execute_ref_pic_marking() with MMCO is 
called whereas the latter needs it before.

I have attached a new patch that works correctly on VA API Intel 

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