[FFmpeg-devel] release work

Mike Melanson mike
Sun Feb 1 05:30:37 CET 2009

> On Sun, 2009-02-01 at 02:30 +0100, Diego Biurrun wrote:
>> OK people, it's time to get some work done, we want to get a release
>> out the door very soonish.
>> The most important thing is not to get bogged down in discussions.
>> Please keep in mind that we need to keep our attention focused and
>> not let ourselves get distracted by secondary issues, no matter how
>> tempting it may be to rant and rave about them.


Agree 100% That said...

Frans de Boer wrote:
> Ok, lets follow the guidelines above and do some real work to get a
> proper release out.
> Personal note: Some time ago I forced the FFmpeg community to tell the
> public what the last version was of their so called v51 sources. I


Can we adminstratively ban this guy before he lobs another rhetorical 
grenade into the discourse?

     -Mike Melanson

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