[FFmpeg-devel] DNS and stuff (was: Re: The fate of Fate)

Måns Rullgård mans
Tue Sep 30 16:25:30 CEST 2008

compn wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Sep 2008 13:59:32 +0100 (BST), M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
>>Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote:
>>> On Tuesday, 30 September 2008 at 13:06, Attila Kinali wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:39:15 +0100 (BST)
>>>> M?ns Rullg?rd <mans at mansr.com> wrote:
>>>> > > We should start looking for a new domain and a new top-level domain.
>>>> > > Hungary is not a workable solution.
>>>> >
>>>> > Agreed.  Any suggestions?  Unfortunately, mplayer[hq] has been taken
>>>> > by domain squatters in most TLDs.
>>>> I just send the holder of mplayerhq.org an offer over 0EUR for
>>>> the domain explaining that they are misusing our name.
>>>> Lets see how they respond.
>>> Also, mplayerhq.eu is registered at some Italian registrar and has a web
>>> redirector (www.mplayerhq.eu) to our current website. Maybe they would
>>> be willing to part with the domain.
>>Looks like that belongs to our very own Roberto... unless there is another
>>rtogni with an interest in mplayer.
> i thought the point of keeping it in .hu was because of the software
> patent trolls couldnt issue a takedown order.
> Bodog loses domain names in patent infringement suit:
> http://www.casinocitytimes.com/news/article.cfm?contentID=168312

That was a year ago.  What was the outcome?  It's also not clear from
the article where Bodog is based.  A US-based company is obviously an
easy target for US litigation.  A bunch of people across Europe (mostly),
with a server in Switzerland are a much more difficult to get to.  Besides,
there's no money to be made, and this tends to significantly reduce the
risk of trouble.

> its possible that the domain could be shutdown for other purposes too.
> that mplayer game network is still around (mplayer.com). maybe a
> misinformed lawyer would send a trademark claim.

If that happened, there is a chance that we might be able to inform
said lawyer.

> my point is... dont use a usa-based domain registrar.

I don't think it really matters that much.  If they wanted to get us,
they'd have done so long ago.  Everybody in the industry knows what
we're doing.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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