[FFmpeg-devel] The fate of Fate

Diego Biurrun diego
Tue Sep 30 12:06:49 CEST 2008

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 10:41:08AM +0200, Attila Kinali wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Sep 2008 14:38:34 +0200
> Attila Kinali <attila at kinali.ch> wrote:
> > And while we are at it, we would pretty much appreciate if
> > you could transfere the ownership of the domain to either
> > Diego, Mans or me, so that we could fix problems with our
> > DNS servers in a timely manner.
> Let's return on the main issue and try to solve this.
> Currently, only one of the three DNS servers that are
> registred is working. Which leads to the various problems
> people have been experiencing.
> What are we doing to change this?

We should start looking for a new domain and a new top-level domain.
Hungary is not a workable solution.

FFmpeg could be run through the ffmpeg.org domain.  We should talk to
Fabrice to try to get greater control over the domain.


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