[FFmpeg-devel] Path for minor problems related to ffmpeg help text and x264 configuration

Francesco Cosoleto cosoleto
Tue Sep 23 14:35:03 CEST 2008


I am not able to submit this simple patch using the bug-tracker due to a
server error, but here I think file attachment works, then here the file.

* ffmpeg.c: Fixed a problem in printing option when ffmpeg is compiled
without --enable-swscale
* libavcodec/utils.c, libavcodec/utils.h: Fixed documentation for direct mv
prediction mode automatic
* libavcodec/libx264.c: Added support for PSNR flag, code cosmetic changes
to use x264_param2string()
* ffpresets/libx264-fastfirstpass, ffpresets/libx264-default.ffpres,
ffpresets/libx264-max.ffpreset, ffpresets/libx264-hq.ffpreset,
ffpresets/libx264-normal.ffprese: 'me' replaced with 'me_method', now 'me'
doesn't exist anymore in options list.

Francesco Cosoleto
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