[FFmpeg-devel] Am I violating the license?

Wayne Koorts wkoorts
Tue Sep 23 06:09:35 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I noticed the Hall of Shame page on your website and I thought I
should make extra sure that I'm not violating your license with my
application: Tubecaster - http://tubecaster.sourceforge.net

It is a GUI application to download YouTube videos and convert them to
the selected format.  Conversion is done behind the scenes with
ffmpeg.  Tubecaster is licensed under the GNU GPL and in the latest
version about to be released I include a credit to ffmpeg and a link
to your homepage.

I just wanted to find out if there is anything else the ffmpeg team
would like me to do?  Would you specifically like me to link to your
source from the website?  I'm prepared to do whatever is required.

Wayne Koorts

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