[FFmpeg-devel] New crash in av_find_stream_info with DVD VOB file

Jesse Rosenzweig jesse
Wed Sep 17 23:10:47 CEST 2008

> >I can't reproduce the crash here, with latest svn.

Looks like the difference between my app and ffmpeg.c is that we are not
allocating a context or format parameters for av_open_input_file, but are
passing in NULLs so that it gets allocated by the open API (is this still
acceptable?)  Like this:

AVFormatContext *psFormat=NULL;
av_open_input_file (&psFormat, strFilename, NULL, 0, NULL) and then

When I change ffmpeg.c to do this, I get segfaults due to NULL pointers.
(happens first in dump_format)

This same code works OK with other VOBs.

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