[FFmpeg-devel] Status of WMA decoding

Benjamin Larsson banan
Tue Sep 16 16:07:17 CEST 2008

Jethro Walters wrote:
> Howdy everybody.
> What's the current status/activity of the Windows Media Audio decoder residing in libavcodec? As I understand it, it currently supports v7 & v8 without problems, and only WMA v9. AFAIK there's no "10 Pro" decoder as it's a completely different codec to V9, "Voice" for the same reason, and the same with Lossless. Who is the maintainer for the current decoders, if anybody? I'm not volunteering at the moment as my knowledge of C or C++ isn't great (but will improve once I get back to university), but I couldn't find anymore information around. I am half-willing to work on the Lossless decoder, because in theory it should be the simplest, yes? :-)
> I keep a loose eye on ffdshow-tryouts, and that's where I spotted the limited WMA decoder libavcodec has. I'd like to get full (current) WMA support working by the time I finish the year at uni. :-)
> Regards, 
> Jethro Walters

Well the problem is that we only have "binary specification" for the 
mentioned codecs. If you can get the specifications it would help really 
much. We have some code that can decode parts of wmapro and wmalossless. 
But it is far from complete.

Benjamin Larsson

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