[FFmpeg-devel] Broken third party software

Frans de Boer frans
Sun Sep 14 22:22:49 CEST 2008

Ok, It seems that my messages have stirred up some dust. except two
typical - in my opinion - emotional engineers reactions I can understand
most reactions.

Yes, if I had the knowledge I would volunteer, but I never used svn
before but only followed directions on the various web pages whenever it
was required. Why would you put those directions there, if you assume
that everyone must have intimate knowledge of svn? Since svn is the ONLY
way to get the FFmpeg source, you might consider not using such
assumption because the FFmpeg project - for viable reasons - can't
provide anything else.

So, yes: announcing like it's done now, is a step in the right
direction. At least now I know what is the latest backward compatible
svn release. And since I also have learned - out of necessity ;) - how
to update (up or down) towards r15261, I can apply it.
Suggestion: Add the comment 'svn update -r 15261' to restrict to libav*
version 51 (until today I was not even aware of such a version number).

Oh, one more thing: In my world it is common to top-reply (and I am
doing this for almost 29 years). But now I know that the FFmpeg project
likes bottom-replies, I will respect that and hope that some people
might learn someday that there are also other disciplines in this world.
and....show me where I wrote "I demand". For some of you: Please, try to
read a little better and refrain from your personal interpretations.

Frans de Boer.

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