[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add four metadata tags to 3gp files

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Tue Sep 9 03:13:32 CEST 2008

Horacio Sanson wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 4:16 AM, Baptiste Coudurier
> <baptiste.coudurier at smartjog.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Horacio Sanson wrote:
>>> Japanese mobile phones (Au, Softbank and Docomo) display these four tags when
>>> accessing 3gp and 3g2 files properties. Our content providers mandate we put
>>> these on all media we distribute, specially copyright.
>> Humm I understand.
>>> I would like to ask how to support other languages in the text strings?? I
>>> really need this to support Japanese characters so any tips on how to do this
>>> are welcome...
>> You could set AVStream->language and use it.
> Correct me if wrong but this AVStream->language would be per track in
> the case of MP4 based files. These tags I need are general to the
> whole presentation so I think this would not be useful for my
> purposes.

Well, in the mean time, you could just set all tracks to your language,
You could have a different artist per track anyway, metadata might be
per track too ...

>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Index: libavformat/movenc.c
>>> ===================================================================
>>> --- libavformat/movenc.c      (?????"????????? 15260)
>>> +++ libavformat/movenc.c      (???????????"???)
>>> @@ -1315,13 +1315,17 @@
>>>          put_be32(pb, 0); /* size */
>>>          put_tag(pb, "udta");
>>> -        if (mov->mode & MODE_3GP) {
>>> +        if (mov->mode & MODE_3GP || mov->mode & MODE_3G2) {
>> This is a different issue, and must be submited as a different patch,
>> can you confirm these metadata tags are allowed in 3g2 and quote the
>> specs ? Thanks.
> Never seen the spec for 3g2 file format, I assumed it is not too
> different from the 3GPP file format (TS 26.244) if it is not please
> information about the 3g2 spec name is appreciated.

3GPP2 C.S0050-B, some minor differences. If you find anything related to
tags in udta, I'll check it.

>>>              mov_write_3gp_udta_tag(pb, s, "titl", s->title);
>>>              mov_write_3gp_udta_tag(pb, s, "auth", s->author);
>>>              mov_write_3gp_udta_tag(pb, s, "gnre", s->genre);
>>>              mov_write_3gp_udta_tag(pb, s, "dscp", s->comment);
>>>              mov_write_3gp_udta_tag(pb, s, "albm", s->album);
>>>              mov_write_3gp_udta_tag(pb, s, "yrrc", "nil");
>>> +            mov_write_string_tag(pb, "\251nam", s->title, 0);
>>> +            mov_write_string_tag(pb, "\251aut", s->author, 0);
>>> +            mov_write_string_tag(pb, "\251des", s->comment, 0);
>>> +            mov_write_string_tag(pb, "\251cpy", s->copyright, 0);
>> Are these standardized in 3gp ? I don't think so, 3gp uses differents
>> tags IIRC like coded. Doesn't your content providers support 3gp tags ?
>> I might be inclined to allow this if not...
> Believe me I wish I could quote the standard and tell you these tags
> are there but I can't. Blame Quicktime pro that is the defacto
> authoring tool used by all content creators here in Japan. Quicktime's
>  property editor allows to add these four tags to MOV, 3gpp and 3g2
> files that are displayed on all mobile phones in Japan (i.e. a lot of
> devices) so pretty much is a standard here.

Well, 3GPP is the only _standard_.

Humm hopefully I quickly checked with quicktime player before answering,
and here my quicktime player display correctly title (using -title) and
copyright (using -copyright) in my 3gp file.

Do you still have a problem ? I added -copyright support just today did
you try again ?

> On the other hand these tags are exactly the same tags used in
> MODE_MOV, I simply add them to 3gp and 3g2 files. Maybe it would be
> better to not differentiate between these three modes at all and add
> all those tags to the files (3gp, 3p2, mov, mp4) so the tags can be
> seen in as many devices/programs as possible.... just an idea.

I'd prefer being standard here.

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