[FFmpeg-devel] Concurent builds on different architectures

Roman V. Shaposhnik rvs
Fri Sep 5 19:15:21 CEST 2008


do we have any kind of Makefile magic that would allow me
to build/test/debug different hardware architectures
in the same ffmpeg workspace. To give a concrete example,
here's what I really would like to do:

  $ cd ~/src/ffmpeg  
  $ rsh sparc-t2 "cd $PWD; make FOO_BAR=sparc-t2/ test" > sparc-t2.log &
  $ rsh sparc-v9 "cd $PWD; make FOO_BAR=sparc-v9/ test" > sparc-v9.log &
  $ rsh opteron  "cd $PWD; make FOO_BAR=opteron/ test" > opteron.log

with an assumption that every binary file would be prefixed with FOO_BAR
so that something like libavcodec/dv.o becomes libavcodec/$FOO_BAR/dv.o
and ./ffmpeg_g becomes $FOO_BAR/ffmpeg_g

If it isn't implement yet, how about we do? ;-) It is awfully convenient
for the kind of multiplatform development that I'm sure some of us do.


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