[FFmpeg-devel] RFC qt-faststart Implemented in Python

Daniel G. Taylor dan
Wed Sep 3 23:27:01 CEST 2008


I have recently reimplemented qt-faststart.c in Python. It is attached
to this message. It is nearly as fast as the C version and has some
useful features:

 * No compilation needed
 * Works everywhere Python can be installed
 * Handles both 32-bit (stco) and 64-bit (co64) atoms (regardless of 
   whether the underlying system is 32/64-bit, big/little endian, etc)
 * Handles any file where the mdat atom is before the moov atom, and
   preserves the order of atoms in the file after moving the moov atom.
 * Can replace the original file if given no output filename

Since others may find this useful I'm posting it here and asking if it
can be included in the tools directory like qt-faststart.c is.

Any comments are appreciated.

Daniel G. Taylor
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