[FFmpeg-devel] questions on live streaming of h.264 in a FLV container

Raymond Peck rpeck
Wed Sep 3 23:02:09 CEST 2008

> The module is mod_h264_streaming for lighttpd, but the
> code is fairly simple.

Yes, some other folks I work with are using this for streaming of static
files, but what I'm trying to get going is live video. . . which again we
have working for non-h.264 FLV.

> Basically this means you must send ftyp and modified moov atoms for
> every seek, then the raw data at that position in the file (the mdat
> atom).


> As for real streaming, I have no idea how the proprietary RTMP protocol
> works, and I'm not sure about H.264 in FLV (I believe Adobe recommends
> using MP4 or F4V, a modification of MP4, and recommends against using
> FLV).

Yes, they do. . . but we're trying to get it to work without their streaming
servers.  ;-)  It seems very close, since I can stream live if I have the
beginning-of-file headers.  I'm hoping to not have to reproduce those in
full, by injecting the SPS/PPS data in some other atoms mid-stream.

Thanks for the info!

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