[FFmpeg-devel] Chinese AVS file format demuxing

Pavel Modilaynen pmodilaynen
Wed Sep 3 16:00:45 CEST 2008


Stefan Gehrer in June wrote:
> Our own MOV demuxer can parse the file and the MP3 audio track is played
> back, but the video track is not recognized.
> ... 
> I played around a bit with mov.c but basically have no idea about it. 
> If anybody is interested in this and could help me feeding the chunks 
> to my video decoder I would be glad.

Stefan, could you please describe what have you done in mov.c to
force playing .avs files? It would be great if I could look at the patches.

I tried to play test samples stream01/02/03.avs
(from avs.org.cn) but there are problems at demxer probing stage.

And what is the problem with video track recognition?
As far as I know, AVS decoder (called "cavs" is AVS1-P2)
is implemented in libavcodec.
So, how can I force to decode these .avs streams with that cavs

Thank you in advance!


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