[FFmpeg-devel] WMA regression still broken / decouple regression rules

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Sep 2 07:11:14 CEST 2008


For most of the x86_32 FATE configurations, (all except icc and gcc
2.95.3), the FFmpeg regressions are breaking on the WMA test. It was
last working on 14980:


And it was either 14981 (voroshil) or 14982 (aurel) that broke it:


This seems to invert the breakage (previously, icc and gcc 2.95.3 were
broken on WMA, and I think the x86_64 configs were, as well).

Anyway, should we disable the WMA test until we can come up with a
better testing method?

One more thing: I split out the FATE test spec for the full regression.
Instead, FATE runs 'make codectest', 'make libavtest', and 'make
seektest' as separate specs. That last one turns out to be not so useful
since it depends on the codectest rule anyway. Is there any chance we
can decouple the seektest rule from the codectest rule?

	-Mike Melanson

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