[FFmpeg-devel] AVPicture to file

Eduardo.Spina at ecl2009.ec-lyon.fr Eduardo.Spina
Thu Oct 16 17:52:14 CEST 2008


I am learning ffmpeg, so I'd ask you not to consider me as an expert,  
but not a dummy either.

I've been playing around with the source and I am in a situation that  
I have an AVPicture*, so, I have access to the YUV composants of an  
image and I'd like to write an image file out of it (bmp, jpeg, ...  
anything easily readable).

I've seen that I could get it transformed to RGB and then write a bmp  
file manually (writting the header and everything)... But, I think  
there should be a better way of doing this or, at least, there should  
be a part of this process ready for me to use somewhere.

Well, maybe I'm wrong and I should write the whole thing, but, it  
would be nice to know there's something out there to help me.

Can someone please just give me a reference, an exemple, or where to  
look for it?

Thank you.

Eduardo Spina

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