[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 0/6] Fix up some headers for checkheaders run

Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò flameeyes
Sat Oct 4 12:35:31 CEST 2008

Since Diego#1 suggested me to run my patch for compiler warnings
through checkheaders, and checkheaders failed here right away at the
start with cmdutils.h, I've decided to fix up some headers so that
checkheders run would arrive at least to test the headers I touched.

There is one thing to note here: the template files that have .h as
extension are making checkheaders fail. I'd propose to rename those to
.c files. Although they are #include'd, they are certainly not
headers, and should not checked for like headers (nor could be
precompiled, I guess).


Diego 'Flameeyes' Petten? (6):
      Comment out non-existant include.
      Make cmdutils.h standalone by include libraries' headers.
      Make libavcodec/i386/idct_xvid.h standalone (include inttypes.h).
      Make libavcodec/ra288.h standalone (include inttypes.h).
      Make libavformat/internal.h standalone (include inttypes.h).
      Make libavformat/rdt.h standalone (include avformat.h, rtp.h).

 cmdutils.h                  |    3 +++
 libavcodec/aacpsy.h         |    2 +-
 libavcodec/i386/idct_xvid.h |    2 ++
 libavcodec/ra288.h          |    2 ++
 libavformat/internal.h      |    2 ++
 libavformat/rdt.h           |    3 +++
 6 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

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