[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Fix compilation on OpenBSD

Andrew Savchenko bircoph
Wed Nov 19 23:05:45 CET 2008


On Tuesday 18 November 2008 14:35, M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> >> How can anyone live under such conditions?
> >
> > Security implies some limitations.
> I doubt that make 3.80 is any more or less secure than make
> 3.81, but whatever.

This is not a question of gmake itself, indeed. This is a question 
of security policy: install nothing outside the main ports tree. 
Technically I can broke this rule, but than other people may do 
the same and security will likely to be broken eventually one way 
or another. The only exception is MPlayer SVN HEAD. But there are 
some serious reasons for this decision.

> > Obviously, this system is not a desktop, but mencoder power
> > was required here. Anyway I'll install newer gmake in my local
> > private path later.
> It's your only option if you want to build FFmpeg...

For my own purposes I need only mencoder from MPlayer project. The 
reason I want to build FFmpeg is a will to check if everything is 
OK with FFmpeg building and performance on OpenBSD and report any 
detected problems or send patches to fix them if I'll be able to 
do this on my own. FFmpeg and MPlayer are targeted to work on as 
many platforms (especially Unix-like) as possible, so my desire 
was to keep this actual for OpenBSD since there are not many users 
of this OS presented here. So, really, this should be more usefull 
for FFmpeg than for my own purposes.

> > Are you really, really sure in this? Cant you, please, be so
> > kind to point me where POSIX and only POSIX stands for
> > INFINITY *must* be defined?
> The POSIX section on math.h
> (http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/basedefs/math.h.h
>tml) makes it quite clear:
>   expands to a constant expression of type float representing
> positive or unsigned infinity, if available; else to a positive
> constant of type float that overflows at translation time.
> Convinced?

Yes. Thank you very much for the reference. I admit the currently 
used version doesn't conform to the latest standard, however, it 
seems to conform to some earlier editions. Anyway this is 
Unix-like OS and due to the sake of maximum portability, please, 
do not drop its support due to single variance.

> > If you insist, I may use HUGE instead.
> Use WHAT instead?

I meant "HUGE" macro definition instead of "HUGE_VAL", just forget 
about it, Reimar suggested better solution.

> >> 3. Aside from the above, this is the wrong place to add a
> >> missing definition of INFINITY.
> >
> > Why? Have you a better idea?
> Yes, fix your system.

I can fix it only locally, this will not be available to other 
people and may be even dropped during updates.

Best regards,
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