[FFmpeg-devel] Questions about mpegaudio_parse

Yoav Steinberg yoav
Mon Nov 10 10:04:09 CET 2008

I've got some questions relating to the mpegaudio_parse() implementation:
1) There seems to be logic in place for finding a minimal number of 
valid and identical frame headers (see header_count) before returning 
the next valid packet. In case of some inconsistencies this logic skips 
valid packets until this minimal value is met, so the skipped packets 
are never handled even if they are perfectly valid.
2) What is the rational behind these minimal values (if I get the code 
correctly it's 3 consecutive identical frame headers)?
3) Would a patch where skipped packets are buffered and returned in 
order in case the minimal number of headers is reached be welcome?
4) There seems to be an ifdefed out mechanism for handling "free 
format", what is this? Would a change as described in 3 require special 
handling for this case?
I'd greatly appreciate any help in clarifying these issues.

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