[FFmpeg-devel] donation for snow

Jason Garrett-Glaser darkshikari
Fri Nov 7 09:47:29 CET 2008

> Please be more specific, there are people here trying to write a decent
> AAC encoder.

I've already mentioned a lot of this in #ffmpeg-devel, but x264's
ideas, translated into audio, are twofold:

1.  Sections with lower complexity need higher relative quality than
sections with higher complexity.  That is, a very complicated segment
of sound will naturally mask artifacts much better than a simple
segment, and additionally simple segments tend to have smaller
frequency values, meaning that the quantization error is higher, e.g.
when quantizing a value of "1.5" you will lose far more relative
accuracy than quantizing "9.5".  This is partially offset by AAC's
x^(3/4) quantization method.

2.  The energy of each band should remain similar to the original
energy.  This method is used in both Vorbis and Xiph's upcoming
low-latency format Celt, I believe.  Celt, in fact, explicitly codes
the energy of each band into the bitstream itself.

Dark Shikari

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