[FFmpeg-devel] Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames detected

Andrew Savchenko Bircoph
Mon Nov 3 21:23:15 CET 2008


On Monday 03 November 2008 21:29, compn wrote:
> >I've also noticed some tearing, but it was caused by the
> > warning message itself. Bursts of those messages are somewhat
> > CPU expensive (especially if your terminal makes some
> > antialiasing, etc) and may take play near the edge of system
> > capabilities. After having this warning disabled it forks fine
> > for me.
> i couldnt find my samples. if you have a sample that has video
> errors but decodes properly with reference or xvid or a version
> of ffodivx before the bframe change, please upload it.

Sorry, I can't understand you completely. Do you mean video 
decoding errors in the picture? I have not encounter faulty 
decoding, I've noticed only slowdown when a lot of warning 
messages were printed, in turn this visually resulted into short 
video hold-ups. If you need a sample producing a lot of these 
warnings I can upload a one.

Best regards,
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