[FFmpeg-devel] help:VP6F over UDP

Manas Bhattacharya bhattacharya.manas
Mon Jun 23 13:06:08 CEST 2008

Hi all,

         I am using two ffmpeg sessions one to send  a flv file to udp and
another to recieve the content from udp .The FLV file I am using is having
VP6F as video codec and mp3 as audio  codec .
The problem i am facing is that the receiver side is always *skipping FLV
packets* the type field is always coming as 0 .It seems that the receiver is
not receiving any valid VP6F packetsHowever there are no packet loss since
summing up UDP packets in the receiver and the sender side there are no
difference b/w the two.For any file with VP6F codec the problem is same

 Another interesting observation is that this problem is not occurring in
case of FLV file with FLV video codecs.
     Is this the problem of VP6F extradata or some thing else ?

Following are the two command lines i am using


ffmpeg -re -f flv -i "D:\Venturi\videos\videos\wsj.flv" -vcodec copy -acodec
copy -f flv udp://

*D:\Venturi\transcoder\ffmpeg13235\ffmpeg>ffmpeg -re -f flv -i
\videos\wsj.flv" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -f flv udp://*

I am using ffmpeg version 13235

                   Please some one help

                                             Manas Bhattacharya

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