[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Document ffserver daemon and debug mode

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Sat Jun 21 16:22:05 CEST 2008

Stefano Sabatini wrote:

> +FFserver runs by default in daemon mode, that is it puts itself in
> +background and detaches from its TTY, unless it is launched in debug
> +mode or a NoDaemon option is specified in the configuration file.

The comma after "mode" should be a semicolon, and there should be a
comma after "that is".

> + at item -d
> +Enable debug mode. Run in no-daemon mode, increase log verbosity and
> +print log messages on stdout.

I have a hard time understanding this as it stands. By my best guess at
what is intended, I would suggest something like:

Enable debug mode. Increases log verbosity, directs log messages to
stdout, and causes ffserver to run in the foreground rather than as a

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