[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] additinal desc_type for dtshd mpeg-ts demuxer

Benjamin Larsson banan
Wed Jun 11 18:54:21 CEST 2008

madshi wrote:
> elupus schrieb:
>> On Mon, 09 Jun 2008 14:56:09 +0200, madshi wrote:
>>> Benjamin Larsson schrieb:
>>>> [20 quoted lines suppressed]
>>> Here is the collection of all "funny" DTS samples I've stored:
>>> http://madshi.net/dts.rar  (385MB)
>>> Please let me know when you've downloaded it. Thanks.
>> Think you can put that up again?
>> Joakim
> <sigh>  I'd have to rezip and reupload all that. I think
> Benjamin planned to upload my samples to the ffmpeg
> sample library, anyway. Can't you get the samples from
> there?

I uploaded them to the samples repo they should be moved soon. I also
have them on my private server. I'll send the link to Joakim.

Benjamin Larsson

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