[FFmpeg-devel] saving file directly to webserver

Thomas Jörg thomas
Wed Jun 11 09:38:57 CEST 2008

thank you very much for this input, luca

i took a look at feng. feng is for streaming, right? i'm not talking  
about streaming.

for the user it has to be like just DOWNLOADING an ordinary mpeg4/h264  
file that he can open or even progressive download into quicktime.

the files have exactly the same format.

would be so cool if you could help me on that.


On 11.06.2008, at 09:09, Luca Barbato wrote:

> Thomas J?rg wrote:
>> or in detail:
>> 1. a user clicks on a movie download link on a website (mpeg4, php/
>> mysql)
>> 2. a script selects two preencoded files they are pretty large (ca. 1
>> GB)
>> 3. the two files are joined
>> 4. the download of the new movie (the two files connected) begins
>> for the user it has to be like just downloading one file. the movie
>> should play in quicktime player.
> beside quicktime, IFF the files have the same format, feng can do that
> already.
>> is there a possibility to do this directly?
> Only if the files have the same format.
>> i imagine something like modifying ffmpeg to accept two files as an
>> input then ultimately generating the mpeg4 header and passing it on  
>> to
>> the webserver to start with the download. can the movie information  
>> be
>> pulled out of the two existing files? it's like an ordinary "join two
>> files operation" but instead of a "save as" command there is a "pass
>> to webserver" comand. or you can see it like this: the file is not
>> saved locally but directly to the requesting user over the web.
> Right now feng (a streaming server that uses ffmpeg) let you cut and
> collate chunks of streams on fly.
>> would be really cool to build an application that can do this. we are
>> a small group of filmstudents from berlin but we have funding for  
>> this
>> project. we are willing to offer a 500? reward for anybody who can
>> build such a system.
> A similar thing was done by politecnico di Torino an year ago  and  
> this
> feature got in feng because of that.
> http://live.polito.it if you want to give a try.
> lu
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