[FFmpeg-devel] DVCPRO-HD bounty offered

Roman V. Shaposhnik rvs
Tue Jun 10 06:41:43 CEST 2008

Hi Armando,

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 14:53 -0400, Armando Di Cianno wrote:
> That is actually what I meant by "current FFmpeg svn trunk" -- the
> actual FFmpeg mainline that everyone uses if they checkout FFmpeg from
> the FFmpeg project pages.

Well, there's a difference that has already been pointed out on the
list: with a patch (even against the most recent FFmpeg's mainline)
you have an issue of bitrot and maintenance. Once the changes
actually get accepted into the repository you have them there
for eternity (either that, or till somebody rewrites the whole
thing from scratch). The later is much more desirable (and difficult!)
than the former.  

> The experimental branch you have seems a
> bit out of date compared to mainline FFmpeg -- making it easier to
> integrate various patches, but harder to make a clean patch against
> mainline FFmpeg.

It is actually 100% synchronized now. My intent is to constantly
update it (and thanks to Git that is not all that difficult) so
that everytime you do: 
   $ git diff master dans-patch
you get the patch that is applicable to the FFmpeg's mainline.

> >>  This patch should include support for
> >> 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p25, 1080p50, 720p50, and 720p60.
> > It would be very nice, however, to have a bit more samples from
> > you. At least one per format you seem to be interested in:
> > 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p25, 1080p50, 720p50, and 720p60.
> I'll see if I can generate one of each of these formats sometime today
> or tomorrow.  AFAICT, there's more possibilities of formats, but
> hopefully these are all that might be seen in the wild.

Please do. That'll help me a great deal. Currently I only have *p50
samples (which is pretty ironic given that I'm in NTSC land myself).

> > This is a nice gesture and it is definitely appreciated. Now, I must warn you: the bar for the quality of code getting
> > in is set quite high. I can very well imagine a patch that is
> > completely  acceptable to you (and thus satisfies all of the bounty
> > requirements) still not be acceptable to Michael as the ultimate
> > guardian of our code. Thus, the level of financial reward might need
> > to be upped a bit to get folks interested (how much -- I don't know).
> I'll keep this in mind.  If there's any other developers out there
> whose companies would like to see DVCPRO-HD integrated, I could
> probably get a bounty page set up to collect more pledges for support.

I was recently contacted by Troy James Sobotka <troy.sobotka at gmail.com>
who seems to be very interested and motivated to help as well. I'm
CCing him to see what he is up to ;-)


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