[FFmpeg-devel] [MPlayer-dev-eng] rtp support in mplayer

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Tue Jun 10 01:37:50 CEST 2008

Vitor Sessak wrote:

> Hi
> Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) wrote:
>> In message <20080516134500.8485095e.tempn at twmi.rr.com>,compn writes:
>>> libavcodec patches go to ffmpeg-devel list.
>> here is a patch to libavcodec for g722 audio support.
> I'll give a quick look, but surely Michael will post a full review soon.

Heh. I just got done with a what-little-I-can-judge review of the other
copy, then noticed that you've already made most of my points, in some
cases better than I had.

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