[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH/RFC] honor DAR aspect ratio in nuv files.

elupus elupus
Wed Jun 4 21:43:34 CEST 2008


Apperently, the nuv format doesn't store PAR in it's header nowadays. It's 
actually DAR. So the following patch should handle that case (pasted inlined, 
will resend attached later after some other comments). This is how the myth 
decoder handles the old types of files.

However, from what I can tell from the myth nuv recorder's history, the aspect 
was never really a valid aspect before, just hardcoded to 1.0 all the time. 
Thus maybe it's better to not set sample_aspect_ratio when the file header 
indicates an aspect of 1.0, as the video codec would probabably be a better 
source for this information then.

Also, the nuv format allows for the aspect to change mid stream, by resending 
the file header. I'm not sure this is something that is allowed in ffmpeg, as 
it wouldn't be caught if you happended to seek past that new fileheader. Any 
thought on how to handle this? (i'm quite happy to just ignore it)

Index: libavformat/nuv.c
--- libavformat/nuv.c	(revision 13656)
+++ libavformat/nuv.c	(working copy)
@@ -137,6 +137,8 @@
     get_byte(pb); // 'P' == progressive, 'I' == interlaced
     url_fskip(pb, 3); // padding
     aspect = av_int2dbl(get_le64(pb));
+    if(aspect < 0.9999 && aspect > 1.0001)
+        aspect = 4.0 / 3.0;
     fps = av_int2dbl(get_le64(pb));
     // number of packets per stream type, -1 means unknown, e.g. streaming
@@ -156,7 +158,10 @@
         vst->codec->width = width;
         vst->codec->height = height;
         vst->codec->bits_per_sample = 10;
-        vst->codec->sample_aspect_ratio = av_d2q(aspect, 10000);
+        av_reduce(&vst->codec->sample_aspect_ratio.num,
+                  &vst->codec->sample_aspect_ratio.den,
+                  height * aspect
+                  width, 255);
         vst->r_frame_rate = av_d2q(fps, 60000);
         av_set_pts_info(vst, 32, 1, 1000);
     } else

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