[FFmpeg-devel] need eac3 merge suggestions

Justin Ruggles justinruggles
Mon Jun 2 01:18:34 CEST 2008


I think I'm at the point where I can merge the E-AC-3 decoder into
FFmpeg SVN.  I'm not really sure about how to go about it though.  I'll
throw some ideas out there...

- Do I need to generate a set of patches for review?  The last version
reviewed by Michael was before I did quite a lot of changes and
clean-up.  But I'm also AC3 maintainer. :)

- Transferring the soc svn history of ac3dec.c will be pretty much
impossible because different changes were done concurrently.  Instead, I
can apply functional changes incrementally from the current version in
soc svn, along with any cosmetics in-between.

- I'm not 100% sure when to add the new files: ac3dec_data.c,
ac3dec_data.h, and eac3dec.c.  My thoughts are:
1. make changes to ac3dec.c which do not require the 3 files, in
preparation for eac3 support.
2. add the new files (either incrementally or all at once)
3. add them to the Makefile.
4. make changes to ac3dec.c which utilize data and functions from the
new files.  this could probably be as simple as a single change to allow
e-ac3 instead of returning an error.

- Unless someone already has a script that I can adapt, keeping the full
history of those 3 new files will be difficult.  I think eac3dec.c has
about 150 revisions.  I could maybe write a script, but it will take
some time since I haven't done shell scripting in a couple years.  Is
there any way to do this directly in SVN, copying from the soc branch to
the ffmpeg branch?  My guess is no, but I thought I would ask...

- I want to cut out the untested code for unimplemented features in
eac3dec.c and ac3dec.h.  If/when we do get samples, it will still be in
soc svn to borrow from.  I didn't really do any clean-up of that code
since there is nothing to test anyway.

Any other suggestions would be helpful, too.



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