[FFmpeg-devel] Contract offer for implementing decoding functionality for interlaced AVCHD (5000 Euro + optional 1000 Euro Bonus)

Robert Krüger krueger
Sun Jun 1 14:38:09 CEST 2008

We would like to offer a reward of 5000 Euro for the implementation of 
decoding functionality for AVCHD files generated by Sony camera models 
HDR-CX-6/HDR-SR8E (files should be identical for both models).

The conditions are the following:

     * Code has to be LGPL (i.e. an extension of the existing H.264 
decoder in libavcodec)
     * The ffmpeg/ffplay version using the thus developed code has to be 
able to perform the following tasks:
           o Transcode the sample files provided by us into a 
progressive H.264 (using libx264 and libxvid) stream in an mp4 container 
without audio/video sync problems in one ffmpeg command line call
           o Play back the sample files provided by us using ffplay 
(provided the hardware is powerful enough, of course) without 
audio/video sync problems
     * Code has to be accepted into SVN by the maintainers of this project
     * The first payment of 2000 Euro will be made once a patch sent to 
us fulfills the functional requirements outlined above
     * The remaining 3000 will be paid, once code has been accepted into SVN
     * The entire process has to be completed within 4 weeks time
     * An additional bonus of 1000 Euro will be paid if it is done in 2 
     * People who are interested in the job contact us (my email 
address), we confirm that they got the job and time counts from that 
confirmation on
     * Payment method is up to you but we will be needing some sort of 
formal invoice

The sample files have been uploaded to the upload.mplayerhq.hu FTP 
server to 
/MPlayer/incoming/sony-hdr-cx6-avchd-interlaced-decoding-problem and a 
bug report has been filed as issue 475.

If someone wants more (e.g. larger) samples, please contact us. We will 
provide you a download URL.

The current SVN can transcode/play the files but the result is an out of 
sync slow motion video because the frames are effectively doubled during 
the decoding process (which some people said has something to do with 
PAFF not being implemented fully/properly but I am not competent to 
confirm that).

If there are any questions regarding requirements or conditions, please 
contact me.

Best regards,


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